This script adds a button to Message Wall pages that allows users to easily edit their Wall Greeting. Message Walls allow you to write an arbitrary wiki-page and paste it at the top of your wall page but this feature is not exactly easily discoverable. This tool is both a convenience, and provides a means for less skilled users to access the feature.


Add an import line to your importArticles if you already have one, or paste the following code into MediaWiki:Common.js:

    type: 'script',
    articles: [
importScriptPage('MediaWiki:WallGreetingButton/code.js', 'dev');

Operational Notes

Wall Greetings, for a completely unclear reason, can only be edited by the user who owns it as well as the wiki sysops. As such, the wall greeting button will only appear on each user's own page. The only exceptions are the administrators who will see the button on everyone's pages.

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