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The Volunteer Developers program is an initiative that aims to enable technically skilled members of the Wikia community to contribute to Wikia not only by editing and wiki-administration, but also by fixing bugs and improving Wikia's software.

How can Volunteer Developers help?

Wikia's maintenance and bug fixing process is one of constant prioritization. We take into account factors like severity (how bad or annoying a problem is?) and impact radius (how many users are affected by the problem?). The issues that are both severe and affect many users get highest priorities and are fixed first.

This means the little annoying bugs that only affect a few people can sometimes stay around for a long time. Here's where we'd like to turn to Volunteer Developers.

Each week we will select a few low severity bugs from the pool and ask volunteers to help fix them. Volunteers have access to a dedicated development environment and can propose fixes. Their fixes are then reviewed and applied to Wikia's codebase.

How can I become a Volunteer Developer?

As this program is still new, we are not accepting new volunteers at this time. We will be occasionally expanding the group slowly as time goes by. Keep an eye on this page for updates, and get involved here on the Wikia Developers Wiki!

How can other users help?

If you're not a Volunteer Developer but would still like to make Wikia a better place, the best thing you can do is stay on the lookout for bugs and report them to us via the Contact form.

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