VideoToggle adds a button to the Oasis toolbar so users on lengthy pages (or pages with many videos) can be made shorter or less cluttered by removing the videos. The videos can be toggled on and off by the button, and the changes are for that instance only; refreshing the page will undo the change, as will clicking the button again.


Install either on Your user name/wikia.js or Your user name/global.js--the former is individualized for that wiki, whereas the latter is global.\

To install, add the following code to either page:

importScriptPage('VideoToggle/code.js', 'dev');


V. 1.0


  • Toggles videos on and off

V. 1.2


  • Toggles videos on and off
  • Changes text to relate to the current condition

V. 2.0


  • Toggles videos on and off
  • Text changes in relation to the user's current setting
  • Upon button being pressed on a page with no videos, the text is replaced by "There are no videos to hide"
  • Button does not force a user to the top

V. 2.1

  • all features of Version 2 kept
  • In Firefox, the button will no longer break comment reply buttons


  • Toggles videos on and off
  • Does not move the current page at all, except through the page becoming shorter due to the lack of video thumbnails
  • Text changes to reflect current choice
  • When on a page with no videos, text will say "There are no videos to hide" and nothing else
  • Hides ONLY videos

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