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Thank you very much always for your kind support!!

I'm sorry to trouble you, but would you mind if I asked adding the translation to ReferencePopups again (because of the new extension, JavaScript review process)? --Plover-Y (talk) 2015-11-07 05:04 (UTC)

Unfortunately it's still locked down. I should be able to sort something out within a week or so though :) cqm 22:34, 12 Nov 2015 (UTC)
Thank you very much for the reply! --Plover-Y (talk) 2015-11-13 14:11 (UTC)

This might come off as rude, but I'm not trying to be. Have you constiered archiving your talk page?

In truth I haven't. I probably should sometime soon though :P cqm 22:34, 12 Nov 2015 (UTC)

Protect PrintableVersion/code.js

I created a new script called PrintableVersion that I need protected with codeeditor level.
~Curiouscrab (talk) 22:11, November 12, 2015 (UTC)

I can, but no one can edit js at the moment anyway, and we should be moving to the JS review system within a week or so which makes the codeeditor right/protection obsolete.
If I may ask however, what does your script do that MediaWiki:Print.css doesn't? It's probably better implemented via CSS. cqm 22:29, 12 Nov 2015 (UTC)
On closer inspection, and as this is all skin based, why not simply request additions to github:Wikia/app/blob/dev/skins/oasis/css/print.scss and something extra to kill the wikia specific stuff at the bottom of monobook? It's even better to have support for this stuff natively :) cqm 22:52, 12 Nov 2015 (UTC)
Well, it provides a good view of what the intended target page would look like. In CSS, I've found that hiding items generally leaves large undesirable spaces which take up perfectly usable space and requires more pages to be used in the process of printing. Of course, I guess you could try and scale those items to almost non-existence, but it's nearly impossible without removing them altogether.
~Curiouscrab (talk) 03:10, November 13, 2015 (UTC)
In addition, if we want to somehow stamp the page with the user's username as well as the URL that leads directly to the page rather than the current revision view, JS would be required.
~Curiouscrab (talk) 03:15, November 13, 2015 (UTC)

Check script

Hello, Cqm! Sorry for bothering, but I need you help.

Since Wikia have some problems with security and JS, we should be carefull. I've written one script, which have all data outside of .js page, because it's simple way to change script's config without waiting of JS review result. Here is script and data. I'm going to push it here, but before I want to be totally sure, that everything is ok. Can you, please, check it?

Idea of is script is alternative of custom achievement. Admin can create new badge and give it to user.

Thanks in advance! FANMADE_Luna_S1_flying.gifKopcap94@Wikia18:24, 18/11/2015

If you want people to review your code, you can post a request at Board:Code Review, although you should probably place a copy for review somewhere on this wiki. --Saftzie (talk) 01:16, November 19, 2015 (UTC)
Ah, okay, thanks! FANMADE_Luna_S1_flying.gifKopcap94@Wikia15:28, 19/11/2015
  • I'd avoid using onclick attributes, it's safer to use a proper click event handler such as jQuery's .on('click', ...) or .click(...)
  • Make sure to escape anything you aren't absolutely 110% sure about when working with html. In this case, it applies to the config stored in JSON. Simply use mw.html.escape(...) before adding the inner text inwhich saves a lot of potential headache in the future.
  • <center> is deprecated in HTML5. It'll work, but there's no real reason to use it when it can be easily replicated with CSS.
  • The debug and allinone query parameters do nothing when combined with action=raw.
  • Seeing as you're working with the DOM, it might be prudent to wrap your init call with $(...) (but don;t invke the method). For example, $(foo.init)
  • You're using some very generic regexes. I'd look at either making them a little more specific or commenting why you're using them in that way. Regex is one of those things you tend to have difficulty fixing when they break.
Otherwise, it looks ok. I haven't tested it in any way, the above is just some initial notes based on what I could see. cqm 16:48, 19 Nov 2015 (UTC)
I've fixed problem with html by another way (.attr()), so there shouldn't be any problems, because it's not allowing to add something like 'onclick' and so on. Button's 'onclick' is kinda crazy, I know, but it's same as 'click()', thought. About center - yep, my fail, was lazy to make it via CSS and totally forgot about this. Also was not informed about 'allinone' and 'debug' - will know it. Thanks for checking, I really appreciate it! FANMADE_Luna_S1_flying.gifKopcap94@Wikia17:37, 19/11/2015

Page Deletion

Is there a way to get some of my pages deleted, I marked them for deletion almost 2 weeks ago. I have also blanked them and added the delete template to the 4 pages. I have listed them below.
Sophie Profile Talk/Message Wall Contributions 10:45, November 21, 2015 (UTC)

(1) User:Sophiedp/Clean_Up_JS_Inports
(2) User:Sophiedp-Clean_Up_JS_Inports
(3) Template:Sophiedp-Clean_Up_JS_Inports
(4) Sophiedp-Clean_Up_JS_Inports
Category:Candidates for deletion has a few more. --Saftzie (talk) 04:33, November 22, 2015 (UTC)
Sorry, it's a little quiet here on Dev, so I don't tend to check such things very often. I'll get right on it :) cqm 16:30, 22 Nov 2015 (UTC)
Thanks :) Sophie Profile Talk/Message Wall Contributions 03:00, November 23, 2015 (UTC)

diff 34523
#WikiaArticle should probably be #mw-content-text, since #WikiaArticle exists only in Oasis. I'd post on Rappy's page, but I doubt he'd even read it. --Saftzie (talk) 22:44, November 23, 2015 (UTC)

Wikimarks not loading

Greetings Cqm! It appears that Wikimarks is hanging again (no console errors are generated, but the menu fails to appear and the "wait state" covering the "On the Wiki" menu cycles forever). Last time that happened I believe all that was needed was a null edit of the source code to reset it. 60px-Spsig.png (talk) 12:08, 24-Nov-2015 (UTC-7)

See Talk:Wikimarks#Stop_working.3F. Unfortunately, it's not a quick fix. cqm 10:27, 25 Nov 2015 (UTC)

Border Radius

On Template:Infobox JavaScript the infobox looks awfully boxy. I think it might look better if the corners were rounded with the border-radius property. I'm sure others would agree.
~Curiouscrab (talk) 16:05, November 25, 2015 (UTC)

Personally, I disagree for 2 reasons: I don't think it would add anything the the aesthetic quality of the infobox, and modifications to PI CSS have the potential to break in the future as wikia change things. I'd rather keep away from those modifications, unless absolutely necessary. cqm 22:26, 25 Nov 2015 (UTC)


Considering that codeditors move stuff around, do suppose it's reasonable to ask Wikia to add suppressredirect to codeditor? --Saftzie (talk) 10:33, November 28, 2015 (UTC)

I don't see why not, I'll send something in to request it. cqm 10:38, 28 Nov 2015 (UTC)

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