Hey everyone,

So, I've recently created a couple of a boilerplate templates [ Template:ImportArticles, Template:ConfigOptions, with possibility for more to follow ] aimed at educating end-users of JavaScript. These boilerplate templates are designed to...

  • Prevent script authors from having to write the same general information over and over again on their informational pages. E.g. "config options need to come before the import statement" — that's general information that's true for most scripts.
  • Summarize key points in a concise, reader friendly format
  • Contain useful, educational code examples that readers can generalize upon
  • Make information attention-grabbing and immediately accessible in the articles themselves, rather than tucked away in Help: pages that people may never find or read carefully

Please give me some feedback on these. Here's my concerns:

  • Do you think the these templates achieve these goals? Would you like to edit them to improve the layout, text or examples? Please do!
  • Placement of the boilerplates. I don't want them to detract from articles too much — but at the same time ideally they should be hard to miss. Here's a couple potential article layouts. How do you think these templates could best be weaved into articles?
    1. Templates go at the bottom of the relevant section
    2. Templates collected underneath their own header at the bottom of the page
    3. (not implemented yet) Leave the templates in the relevant section of the article and shown-by-default, but create a custom Show/Hide feature that uses a browser cookie to remember settings so that the template can be collapsed-by-default once someone has read it.
    4. other / give your own suggestion?