Admins now have an additional dropdown inside threads to perform actions on specific users without having to switch to the user's page.

Installation & Configuration

  1. Add dev:MediaWiki:UserDropdown/code.js to your MediaWiki:ImportJS.
  2. Create MediaWiki:Custom-User-Dropdown (example can be found there)
  • Add {{Sitename}} where you want to have it replaced with the user name
  • Add {{JS}} when the action is performed by a client-side script taking the user name as parameter
Please keep in mind, that the list is just an example for what could actually contained in your own list in your wiki. Take the list item which suits your needs.

Known bugs & necessary improvements

  • The list should accept absolute links or {{fullurl}} magic word

Planned changes / Roadmap

  • Easier link configuration by adding actions to array (list would be handled internal only)

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