TumblrShare is a script that adds several utilities related to the Tumblr social network to pages on Wikia. It was designed by User:Deadcoder. The target market is wikis with a large number of Tumblr users.

The feature this script added to Wikis is now provided by the core of the Wikia skin. However, this will still be maintained for Monobook users.

Installation Steps

0. Install ShareMenu. TumblrShare requires said script.

1. Amend the following to either your personal userscript, or the wiki's common.js file, depending on if you want a personal or wiki-wide installation:

importScriptPage('MediaWiki:TumblrShare/code.js', 'dev');

2. Deal with caching issues.


  • Tumblr share button.
    • Contextual based on page type



Beta Channel Information

The beta channel is the unstable version of the script which is used to develop new features. It is not intended for general use.

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