FANDOM currently uses JIRA to track bugs, operations requests, feature requests, and product planning.

Ticket classification

Rules of thumb:

  1. Only 1 (One) issue per ticket filed
  2. File complete and accurate tickets
  3. Follow up on tickets you file and keep in touch with those assigned to fix or otherwise dispose of your ticket
  4. All communication related to the ticket must be tracked along with the ticket.

Ticket priority

Ticket priority quantifies the need to fix the problem indicated by the ticket. This value is dictated by a number of factors including business priorities and is determined mostly by the likely hood of the error being encountered, the pain of encountering the error, and the pain in fixing the error. Priority should be decided on a case-by-case basis.

In all cases, community or business considerations may move a ticket up the scale. So, for example, a spelling error in the interface may rise to a higher priority because it is causing considerable distress and anger in the community.

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