• I'm working on this module, which is invoked from a template, which is called on an article with data


    I know how to work through the parent arguments and etc. I just wanna know how I can return the value of total "c", "tk", "xp", etc. (providing all are numbers. I wanna know how to write the iterative function using for i,v in ipairs(???) or any other way.

    I want the data to return like this:

    c bp tk xp cumulative c cumulative tk cumulative bp cumulative xp
    20 2 5 0 20 5 2 0
    40 0 10 2000 40 15 2 2000
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    • ipairs will not help u. use pairs:
      for i, v in pairs(args) do
          mw.log(i, v)
      sure, u have to parse names by urself, in order to get c1-cn in same column.
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    • I figured it out using for i=1,steps do Thanks for your help

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