• I want to add embeddable comment box in certain non-article pages that function like the now unavailable wikia forum feature's reply box. This would idealy include: User name + avatar, timestamp, fillable text box, buttons for visual/source view, buttons for bold/italic font & link, buttons for add image/video, and multiple pages for long reply threads.

    I am not a programmer, so aside from finding examples and asking for help, I do not know where to begin creating the feature I need.

    • I have a basic html comment box that was previously used on wikia for this feature back when html was able to be directly added to wikis, but do not know where to start to port it to a format usable with Wikia's current JS approval system.
      • The code does not include any configuration buttons (text format & add media). Though I found instructions on adding some of the buttons , I'm not certain this is the right format needed, or if/how I could inlcude the add photo/video button.
      • The code does not automatically create subpages if the thread goes on too long. While this isn't as high a priority, I am concerned that it may cause issues if comment threads get too long, especially if image heavy.
    • Alternatively, there is this mediawiki comment box extension that seems nearly perfect for my needs, except for lacking configuration buttons. It also seems far more complicated to customize, but I wanted to include it in the chance that that's is not the case.

     Any advice on what to do or directions to where to find where code can be tested, instructions, coding behavior/capabilities, or examples would be very appreciated.

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    • Would the existing Comments satisfy your needs?

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    • As far as I can tell, they won't.

      I am trying to recreate forums with dpl. Forums are crucial to my communities, but the extension is no longer allowed on wikia, and discussions are far too undeveloped. Without a decent forum, I will have to switch to a different wiki host, definitely a last resort.

      Although the comment extension function is perfect, the comments don't appear on forum pages. On the pages they do show, they appear at the bottom, and I need them up top.

      If there is a way around these limitations, please let me know! Otherwise, my original questions stand :(

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    • I think in the long run, you'd be better off using the good old trusty wikitext forums - Wookieepedia is a thriving example of a community that extensively uses them in its day-to-day functions. While it may be possible to achieve what you are aiming for with some arcane combination of DPL, Article Comments and custom scripting, the end result will be badly underperforming, difficult to maintain and extend, and will not work with mobile devices.

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    • I would suggest using wiki-style forums as TK suggested. With Discussions taking the forefront, these forums are no longer default, but you can still set them up on your wiki. To do so, follow these instructions.

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    • I believe they are using wiki-style forums but trying to make them look like actual forums.

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    • Update -

      I ended up trying a Frankenstein forum built with dpl, tabber, and article comments enabled on forum namespace (which I'm still hoping to use css to move above the page category list). I am actually really happy with the results!

      Unfortunately I ran into one last big problem that I would very much appreciate help with.

      While article comments show up in recent activity , they do not bump the thread in any other way. This means new comments don't show in the wikia activity feed widget, and more importantly, don't show in the dpl generated listings of recently edited pages.

      Is there anything I can alter to make comments bump the page's recently edited status??

      Thank you all for your time and help!

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