• Does anyone know the name of the Nirvana controller/method combo that lists the thread numbers of a user's unread message wall notifications? I thought the method in question was under WallNotificationsExternal or WallExternal, but neither of those have the method I need. I suppose I could sift through wikia/WallNotifications, but I figured I'd post here first.

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    • You missed it :P
      $.nirvana.getJson('WallNotificationsExternal', 'getUpdateCounts', d => console.log(d.count));
      P.S. always use format=json if you want to take actual data. Also, method=help is usually useless
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    • No, I know that one exists (and I've even used it before). That provides the number of unread messages, but I'm looking for the method that actually provides the thread numbers (i.e. Thread:705) of unread notifications. Is there such a method?

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    • That would be a liiiiiiitle bit hackier

      $.nirvana.getJson('WallNotificationsExternal', 'getUpdateCounts', function(d) {
          var wikis = $(d.html).find('.notifications-for-wiki').map(function() {
              return $(this).data('wiki-id');
          }).toArray(), temp = 0, data = {};
          wikis.forEach(function(el) {
              $.nirvana.getJson('WallNotificationsExternal', 'getUpdateWiki', {
                  wikiId: el,
                  isCrossWiki: 1
              }, function(d) {
                  $(d.html).filter('.unread').find('a').each(function() {
                      var res = /http:\/\/(\w+)\.wikia\.com\/wiki\/.*:(\d+)/.exec($(this).attr('href')),
                          wiki = res[1];
                      data[wiki] = data[wiki] || [];
                  if(++temp === wikis.length) {
                      // All requests finished

      The above returns an object like

          "wikisubdomain": [
          "wikisubdomain2": [
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    • I tried something similar but significantly less effective. I was grabbing the html of the user dropdown menu and manually extracting the href from .notifications-for-wiki-list a. Thanks a bunch, Cube.

      Shame there isn't a proper method for this.

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    • But .notifications-for-wiki-list a doesn't even exist... did you mean some other element?

      Edit: Oh you meant from DOM... that's even faster...

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    • $('#GlobalNavigationWallNotifications .notifications-for-wiki .notifications-for-wiki-list a')[0];

      It's in the user dropdown menu. I was getting desperate.

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    • You don't actually need to send an HTTP request for that unless the notifications haven't loaded, though. You could try taking it from DOM and if that fails send an HTTP request to Nirvana.

      Unless you want to automatically refresh the data about current notifications, then you should always use Nirvana, I suppose.

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    • Therein lies the problem. I was planning on constantly acquiring notification data over a set interval, hence the need for a Nirvana controller. I suppose I could use setInterval to refresh the #GlobalNavigationWallNotifications menu, but that's a pretty hacky method in my opinion.

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