• It’s probably already made & I just can’t find it, but what I’m thinking of is a floating, dragable panel that you can click to spawn it (kinda like PortableCSSPad in functionality but for navigation instead of customization), that has several tabs full of links to most if not all of the pertinent Whitelisted MediaWiki pages that an Admin would want (regardless of whether they have been created yet or not), with short, collapsed descriptions beside each one. Maybe it could be set up in a tabber & divided that way, with the six JS pages as the first “JS Tab” (Common.js, Chat.js, Monobook.js, Wikia.js, ImportJS, & Special:JSPages), & with the four CSS pages as the second “CSS Tab” (a list of personal CSS & JS files all in one place would also be helpful). Then the third tab could have all of the Welcome Tool MediaWiki Pages, such as MediaWiki:Welcome-message-user, MediaWiki:Welcome-message-anon, MediaWiki:Welcome-message-wall-anon, MediaWiki:Welcome-message-wall-user, MediaWiki:Welcome-user-page, et cetera. A fourth tab could have all of the Chat related MediaWiki Pages, a fifth could have navigation related MediaWiki pages such as MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation & MediaWiki:Sidebar, on & on, even incorporating the most important Special Pages such as Special:ThemeDesigner, Special:WikiFeatures, Special:ListUsers, & Special:Log. Basically I’m trying to replicate the Administrators Tools TopNav Tab on my home Wiki, but in an out-of-the-way place where it doesn’t fill up a spot that is supposed to be for content navigation. I simply cannot fully relay how much I rely on that TopNav bar & now on the PortableCSSPad nowadays, so if I could have two in one that would be revolutionary.

    I have no idea how to set something like this up, I could help styling the box itself via CSS, but that’s about it. I hope what I’m describing isn’t too complicated, but I think loads of people would use it.

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    • An alternative to making a complex dragable module would be to completely overhaul the Special:AdminDashboard page to have the above mentioned lists, because the current Dashboard has some very elementary stuff in it that I never really use. Sure, it can list all of the special pages n such, but it doesn’t list all of the MediaWiki Pages (Special:Allpages can but only the ones already created, not the ones yet to be created). AdminDashboard is also not a good choice because it can’t be accessed by experienced admins while they are not on their Wikis of adminship, so they are limited away from home. I think a module would be best, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that, & if something like this already exists somewhere then I would gladly use that instead of asking for something like this.

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    • That kinda already exists (well, the code quick links part) as CodeQuickLinks.

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    • Aye, & though I use that all the time, I’ve found that Wikimarks satisfies everything else I needed in this thread. Perhaps I should’ve taken it down.

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