Sparkle is a Ruby based project creation and management script for FANDOM Developers Wiki. It is a CLI script that allows for the easy creation, compilation, and deployment of CSS and JavaScript based projects.

Sparkle uses both Sass and CoffeeScript as it's main language and runs all files through a pre-processor. While it is not required to write your projects in CoffeeScript or Sass it is required that all of your files end in either .coffee or .scss.



Sparkle allows for multi-file CoffeeScript compilation. This allows the developer to separate functions into separate files for streamlined development and better reusability. Any files in the includes directory will be automatically be compiled into the file and then run through the CoffeeScript pre-processor. Sass offers it's own method of compiling Sass files but the idea is still the same.


Sparkle allows you to quickly and easily create projects with a proper directory structure.


Sparkle allows you to easily push your script to the FANDOM Developers Wiki for others to install and use. (this feature is not available in v0.0.1 beta).


0.0.1 beta


Report any issues with Sparkle via the built in GitHub issues tracker.

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