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Wikia's fulltext search does not pay attention to page titles. So while it is easy to find pages where your search term was mentioned multiple times, it is sometimes impossible to find pages that are about your search term. The SearchSuggest script adds the list of best-matching pagenames to the results page.


To understand the problem, go to the 24 wiki and search for Beau. There are, at the time of writing this, four pages with the word "Beau" in the page title:
Beau Bowden, Beau Dremann, Beau Smith, Beaumont

The fulltext search only finds the first of these.

And here's a screenshot of the results page with the best-matching pagenames added in:



See also: Help:JavaScript and CSS Cheatsheet

To install SearchSuggest, simply add the appropriate row to your importArticles() call in your global.js.

    type: 'script',
    articles: [


Post translations on the talk page, please!

See also

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