RoundAvatars is a stylesheet which crops avatars until they are round, so that they can look similarly like the avatars in the Fandom Design System.


In order to run the stylesheet into your wiki, add the following code into your wiki's Common.css. If your community was created before July 2014 and didn't ask FANDOM Staff to enable your wiki's Common.css to execute rules over the Oasis skin, use Wikia.css instead.

In both cases, any of these imports must be put at the very top of the page (with any other @import rules you may have) to work.

With Borders

The Light Borders theme rounds all avatars and wraps them with a 2 pixel border.

@import url("/load.php?mode=articles&articles=u:dev:MediaWiki:RoundAvatars/borders.css&only=styles");

Without Borders

The No Borders theme rounds all avatars without wrapping them in a border.

@import url("/load.php?mode=articles&articles=u:dev:MediaWiki:RoundAvatars/noborders.css&only=styles");

Update History

Date Description Updated By
July 18 2017
  • Initial release
August 20 2017
  • Fixed padding issue in wall history pages.
September 4 2017
  • Minimized the code so that it only has two rows instead of three (merged border-width with border-color to border).
  • Release of RoundAvatars/Fixes, due to the fact that this stylesheet had a bunch of issues.
September 29 2017
  • Removed the second code in RoundAvatars/Fixes, because it didn't fix all of the issues of this stylesheet, it ruined the padding of some avatars and it affected the avatars in the global navigation.
  • Minimized the code in RoundAvatar/Fixes, to make it more simplified.
November 30 2017
  • Instead of a separate stylesheet for fixes, both the original code and the fixes have been combined into one stylesheet.
  • Expanded the code so that more themes are available. Instead of rounded avatars with light borders, now there are rounded avatars with dark borders or no borders available.
  • Fixed issue where the border width of the avatar in a closed, removed or deleted thread message was excessive.
March 5 2018 TheGoldenPatrik1

Known Issues

Go to the talk page if you experience any more issues.

To Do List

RoundAvatars needs an upgrade, so that the staff members have their avatar badges that are found in the avatar badges section in this page.