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Note: parts of or entire template might not be visible without values provided.

This template is used to easily format the translations of PurgeButton with a consistent layout. When translating PurgeButton/en, you can copy the section below and translate from there. Do not change any parameters names without consulting other editors first.


Empty parameters
|infobox-title =
|infobox-description =

|description =

|installation-title =

|configuration-title =
|configuration-text =

|translations-title =
|translations-text =
Parameters in English
|infobox-title = PurgeButton
|infobox-description = Adds "Refresh" option to page controls

|description = '''PurgeButton''' adds a "Refresh" option to page controls. A "Refresh" purges both FANDOM's caches ''and'' your browser's cache.

|installation-title = Installation

|configuration-title = Configuration
|configuration-text = To change the text of the button, set <code>PurgeButtonText</code> before the import, like this:

|translations-title = Translations
|translations-text = You can use the [[Special:BlankPage/I18nEdit/PurgeButton|translations editor]] to edit translations of this script.
Text above can be found here (edit)

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