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Pseudo-Vector is CSS code that you can use to make the MonoBook skin resemble Wikipedia's Vector skin. This was initially written for Uncyclopedia by Lyrithya, with some very minor tweaks done on The Mathematics and Physics Wiki by Dimension10 with a lot of help from some very helpful people on Community Central Wiki. It continues to be maintained here. If you'd like to preview the CSS, view this page using the MonoBook theme.


Add the following line[1] to your wiki's MediaWiki:Monobook.css page (for wiki-wide use) or your global.css page (for personal use on all wikis). It must be at the very top of the page (with any other @import rules you may have) to work.

@import url("//");

You can also copy the contents of the MediaWiki:Pseudo-Vector.css page to your CSS page if you prefer, or you can import it via JavaScript (see Pseudo-Vector JS) for a few extra features/options not possible with pure CSS.

If you use the Oasis ("Wikia") skin as well as MonoBook and are importing this in a global.css page, there is a special version of the CSS available to avoid causing changes to the Wikia skin, although there may be a few minor style issues in MonoBook as a result. To import this version, add the following line to your CSS page instead:

@import url('//');

What does "Pseudo-Vector" mean?

The word "Pseudo-Vector" is a play on the name of the skin "Vector", and the word, "Pseudo". Since the final minor modifications to the skin were made on The Mathematics and Physics Wiki, the word "Pseudo-Vector" was used, as opposed to "fake Vector". To quote Wikipedia;

"In physics and mathematics, a pseudovector (or axial vector) is a quantity that transforms like a vector under a proper rotation, but in three dimensions gains an additional sign flip under an improper rotation such as a reflection. Geometrically it is the opposite, of equal magnitude but in the opposite direction, of its mirror image. This is as opposed to a true or polar vector, which on reflection matches its mirror image."


  1. If you are using a right-to-left language, you'll need to change the 'lang=en' parameter to the correct language code for the style to work correctly.