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PixivLinker is a jQuery snippet to instantly inject a link to tag pages on Pixiv based on character names. This is useful for anime wikis where users aims to check out artworks of certain characters on this popular artwork site. 


Assuming that your anime/manga related wiki are having character infoboxes on the articles, add an id attribute of #charjpname to the element of the infobox that has the Japanese name (for best results on Pixiv).



| style="" | JP Name
| style="color:#000;" | {{{JP|Unknown}}}


| style="" | JP Name
| id="charjpname" style="color:#000;" | {{{JP|Unknown}}}

Note: It might not work instantly if you change it in the template, purging the page is highly recommended.


Add this to your own Javascript page: Special:Mypage/global.js, or if you have permission on your wiki, you can add it to common.js on your wiki.

importScriptPage( 'PixivLinker/code.js', 'dev' );

Source Code

See code.js


Licensed as Public Domain. Do whatever you want! :) Leave message at Talk:PixivLinker if you encounter any problems.

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