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This script is not compatible with FANDOM's new grid layout. It has been disabled to prevent breaking your UI.

This script's functionality has been merged into HideRail, use that instead.

This script makes Oasis wider. The default Oasis is 1000px with a 660px content region for articles. This is really obnoxiously narrow compared to other sites like Wikipedia.

Some people may be aware that WoWwiki have a wider Oasis page then most Wikis, but it turns out that it's actually possible to use the wide stylesheet on any wiki, as it is built into Oasis.scss. This script alters the stylesheets on the page so that they load the wide mode version instead which allows them to be read more comfortably if you have a monitor of 1280x1024 resolution or higher.


Add this script fragment to w:Special:MyPage/global.js.

importScriptPage('OasisWideMode/code.js', 'dev'); // No User Interface