Unit Testing Helper

The class WikiaBaseTest extends PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase. It has three main helper functions: mockApp(), mockGlobalVariable() and mockGlobalFunction(). If your test class extends WikiaBaseTest, you can use them.


This helper sets up the test class $app variable to be a mocked object which allows you to use the remaining functions. It is not necessary to call this unless you want to use the other helper functions. By default the $app variable in the Wikia test class is a REAL WikiaApp object. After calling this helper, $app becomes a MOCK WikiaApp object and any global functions and variables can be mocked. If you need to use it for some reason, there is an $appOrig which preserves the unmocked WikiaApp object and is normally restored in tearDown().

mockGlobalVariable(name, retval)

If you need to mock the value of a global variable, use this. For example:

$this->mockGlobalVariable( 'wgExternalSharedDB', '' );

mockGlobalFunction(name, retval, numcalls, inputparams)

If you need to mock a global function (anything called through the $wg->Function helper, use this.

$this->mockGlobalFunction( 'GetDB', $dbMock );  // mock wfGetDB call
$this->mockGlobalFunction( 'Msg', "test msg");  // mock wfMsg call


This doesn't directly add much functionality but if you call this helper, the Framework will unset these class overrides during tearDown.

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