NewPagesUser is a JavaScript application similar to Special:NewPages, except that:

  • It finds only pages created by a specified user.
  • It finds all pages created by the specified user, not just the recent ones.
  • It allows searching more than one namespace, but fewer than all of them, if desired.


Add the following to the MediaWiki:Common.js page on your wiki (or to Special:Mypage/common.js for personal use):

importArticles({ type: 'script', articles: [

Alternatively, add dev:NewPagesUser.js to MediaWiki:ImportJS on your wiki.


This application looks for an HTML element (usually a <div>) with the ID js-newpagesuser on the page. If it doesn't find it, it exits. If it finds it, it runs. So, for example, add

<div id="js-newpagesuser"></div>

to the page where you want it to run. When it runs, it creates a control panel where you specify the user whose pages you want to find and in what namespaces you want to find them.


The control panel with the namespaces for a wiki

For wikis that have them, not specifying the namespaces Board Thread, Thread, or User blog comment can be very helpful.


The script can be localized for any language supported by MediaWiki.

  1. If the language is not currently supported by the script, it can be added by translating the message strings in the script to the desired language.
  2. If the language has variants (e.g., xx-yy) and a particular variant is not supported, the script first falls back to the base variant (e.g., xx).
  3. If the base language variant is not supported, the script falls back to English (en).

Users or translators who wish to add languages and variants can discuss them on the talk page.


  • 28 May 2016: Beta version for Page Creation Log
  • 14 Jun 2016: Version 1.0 in MediaWiki: