MonobookIconsVE visually customizes the Monobook skin's editor interface by incorporating the Visual Editor iconset into it. The main stylesheet applies to both light-themed and dark-themed wikis.

The stylesheet overrides all buttons by force as they are hardcoded into the page. Thus, custom edit buttons need to be also declared as background images.


If you wish to use the stylesheet for personal use on all wikis, add the following line in your global.css page:

@import url('//');

The import must be at the very top of the page (with any other @import rules you may have) to work. To use the main stylesheet, import the Colors script to your global JS as well. You can also copy the contents of the MediaWiki:MonobookIconsVE/code.css page to your personal CSS page, if you prefer.

There is also a light-themed stylesheet and a dark-themed stylesheet which you can add to your wiki's MediaWiki:Common.css page.[1]

  • For light themes:
@import url('//');
  • For dark themes:
@import url('//');


  1. If your wiki was created before mid-2014, you may need to add it to MediaWiki:Wikia.css also (see Help:Community CSS and JS#CSS for details).

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