-- <nowiki>
-- A less intimidating version of the built-in "error()" function, to help
-- editors fix their mistakes when transcluding a template.
local checkType = require('libraryUtil').checkType
return function (message, ...)
    checkType('Dev:User error', 1, message, 'string')
    local element = mw.html.create('strong')
        :wikitext('Error: ' .. message .. '.')
    for i = 1, select('#', ...) do
        local category = select(i, ...)
        checkType('Dev:User error', i + 1, category, 'string')
        if category ~= '' then
            element:wikitext('[[Category:' .. category .. ']]')
    return tostring(element)
-- </nowiki>
-- (Add categories here.)

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