-- <nowiki>
-- To test if this module can be loaded locally, paste the following code in the
-- console. To test if it can be loaded globally, do the same on another wikia.
-- = require('Dev:Sandbox/DarthKitty/Local module')
-- On, the console should return "table". On any other wikia, it
-- should return "Lua error in console input at line 5: tried to load a
-- non-global module."
local p = {}
function p._sayHello(name)
    return 'Hello, ' .. name .. '!'
function p.sayHello(frame)
    local name = frame:getParent().args[1] or frame.args[1] or '{{{1}}}'
    return p._sayHello(name)
return p
-- </nowiki>
-- (Add categories here.)

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