--<pre> Unit tests.  Click talk page to run tests.
local gDate = require("Dev:Date")
local p ={
        options={nowiki=false}, --options 
        tests = {
            preprocess_equals_many ={
                {'diff|2012/11/20|2012/11/21', '-1'},
                {'diff|1916/09/03|2012/11/21', '-35143'},
                {'diff|2012/11/21|1916/09/03', '35143'},
                 {'diff|1916/09/03', tostring(gDate.diff('1916/09/03',"%Y/%m/%d")):spandays()) },
                {'isleapyear|1916/09/03', 'true'},
                {'isleapyear|1913', 'false'},
                {'epoch', tostring(gDate("jan 1 1970"))},
                {'adddays|2012/11/20|5', 'Sun Nov 25 2012 00:00:00'},
return p

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