This script is for PERSONAL use only!

You are free to install this script for yourself, but it is not allowed to be used wiki-wide (e.g., in MediaWiki:Common.js or MediaWiki:Wikia.js), as it would violate FANDOM's Terms of Use. (See the customization policy)

MobileChat is a mobile skin stylesheet for FANDOM Chat. It displays chat in a stacked column layout with an expandable user rail. The skin also support PMs and moderation actions.


To use the stylesheet on one wiki, first add this import to the Special:MyPage/common.css page there.

@import url('/load.php?mode=articles&articles=u:dev:MediaWiki:MobileChat.css&only=styles');

Then, add this code to the Special:MyPage/chat.js page of that wiki.

$('head').append(mw.html.element('meta', {
	name: 'viewport',
	content: 'width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=0'

If you wish to use on all wikis, you will need to add the CSS import to your w:Special:MyPage/global.css page and use GlobalChatJS to ensure it loads on all wikis.

This skin removes chat functionality and changes the interface. Thus, it is a TOU violation to import the skin into Common.css or Wikia.css.


MobileChat works with mobile devices in portrait mode only, or in desktop view with a narrowed window. The mobile layout applies depending on the screen resolution of the device.

The mobile layout is used based on any of these conditions:

  • the chat window is 1080px wide, with a screen resolution of 200dpi,
  • the chat window is 720px wide, with a screen resolution of 150dpi,
  • ...or if the chat pane is 480px wide.


  • This skin does not support other chat scripts and wiki customizations out of the box.
  • If you need to hide certain elements, use CSS wrapped in this media query:
@media screen and (max-aspect-ratio: 3/4) and (max-width: 1080px) and (min-resolution: 200dpi), (max-aspect-ratio: 3/4) and (max-width: 720px) and (min-resolution: 150dpi), (max-width: 480px) {
	/* code goes here */

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