This script is for PERSONAL use only!

You are free to install this script for yourself, but it is not allowed to be used wiki-wide (e.g., in MediaWiki:Common.js or MediaWiki:Wikia.js), as it would violate FANDOM's Terms of Use.
(See the customization policy)

MessageBlocker is a script for FANDOM Chat that is able to prevents all messages by a certain user, or set of users, from appearing.

This extension affects Chat on a personal level only. It does not interfere with messages as seen by other users.



If you would like to use the script, add the following to either your global.js on Community Central (to make the script available on all wikis) or to Special:MyPage/chat.js on specific wikis.

    type: "script",
    articles: [
        // Other scripts...
        // ...


User menu

To block or allow messages from a user, click on their name in the user list to bring down the user's drop down menu. The option is below the "Private Message" button.


There is a modal that lists all users currently blocked. For now, this is accessible through the !list command.

The modal has a button to clear the list of banned users.


MessageBlocker has the following text commands. To use them, insert the command into the text pane, and press Enter:

  • !list - opens a modal that lists blocked users.
  • !block - block a user or set of users (space separated)
    • !block Dzylon will block Dzylon
    • !block Speedit Dzylon will block Speedit and Dzylon
  • !unblock - unblock a user or set of users (space separated)
    • !unblock FANDOMBot will unblock FANDOMBot
    • !unblock CCChatOverlord FANDOMBot will unblock CCChatOverlord and FANDOMBot


  • Messages posted by users with chatmod rights cannot be blocked with this script. This includes local administrators, staff, FANDOM Helpers and VSTF members.
  • The script stores data for blocked users in localStorage. Thus, users can't be blocked across wikis.
  • The script also does not block PMs from users, as Chat can do this.



December 5 2012
Dzylon: Initial release.
August 23 2017
Speedit: Local storage support, some front-end improvements and cleanup.
February 29 2018
Speedit: I18n support, performance improvements (logic rewrite, preload dependencies), DRY
March 4 2018
Speedit: Text commands, moderator checking, user cache validation, further logic rewrites.


  • Prevent console blocking of mods outside chatroom