The MediaWiki Spreadsheet Templator is an application designed to help in creating several pages using the same infobox. The application takes as its input an Excel spreadsheet (Excel 97/2000/XP, .xls format) and outputs an XML file that can be imported into a MediaWiki instance using Special:Import.

The first row of the spreadsheet must contain the template parameter names, and the subsequent rows will be turned into wiki pages with infoboxes, one page and infobox per row. The sheet name is used as the template name.


The project requires that your Java version is at least 1.7. Use "java -version" to check it. The following subsections assume that you know how to open and navigate in a command prompt.

Easy version

  1. Download the executable from [1]
  2. Create your spreadsheet
  3. Run with java -Din="input_file.xls" -Dout="output_file.xml" -Dusername="Desired wiki username" -jar mediawiki-spreadsheet-templator-0.3.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar
  4. Import into a wiki

Compiling the project from sources

This short guide assumes you know how to work with GitHub and Maven and that you have the relevant software installed.

  1. Checkout the project from GitHub
  2. Compile with mvn clean install
  3. Create your spreadsheet
  4. Run with java -Din="input_file.xls" -Dout="output_file.xml" -Dusername="Desired wiki username" -jar name_of_the_jar_file.jar
  5. Import into a wiki