MassCategorization provides a link in the Toolbar (“My Tools”) (without changing location) which allows the user to list pages to be (de)categorized.

Note: If this script is installed wiki-wide, it is strongly recommended to enclose the import statement in an if statement which will only let certain usergroups load the script. An example for the administrator usergroup is shown below:

if (mw.config.get("wgUserGroups").indexOf('sysop') > -1) {
    window.massCategorizationDelay = 1000;
        type: 'script',
        article: 'u:dev:MediaWiki:MassCategorization/code.js'


Select whether you want to add, remove or replace a single or multiple categories with the dropdown menu (it is set at "Add" by default). In order to (de)categorize multiple pages, add the page names (not page URLs) each on a new line (including their namespace if necessary) and proceed to (de)categorize them. The script will stop when it reaches an empty line.

The script will not categorize pages that already contain the category that's being added.

It is strongly recommended that you are using an account that has a bot flag when using this script excessively, as excessive categorization can flood the recent changes/wiki activity.

By default, the script will do one page per second. If you'd like to modify that, add the config massCategorizationDelay before importing the script with your own number (in milliseconds) instead.

The option to use the Mass Categorization script will appear under your "My Tools" list (the toolbar at the bottom of your screen).

Please note you must not have the toolbar at the bottom hidden or the script will not function. If you do not see the "My Tools" (or other language equivalent), try clicking Customize and then "reset defaults" to not hide the "My Tools."

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