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What are we working on?
Code Cleanup
Wouldn't you like to see AjaxLogin on your favorite MediaWiki project? Know someone who might want to use PrivateDomains for their company wiki? Help us to clean up the code and get it released into MediaWiki git repositories!
Experienced with code optimization? Is profiling enabled in each of your wikis? Help us to make the code faster.
Tired of seeing English messages in your Chinese wiki? Wish that your special pages list was completely in your language instead of the wiki's content language? Help us to translate all of Wikia's awesome features into your language!
Officially the bug number one of MediaWiki: documentation is out-of-date and incomplete. Sadly this is the case with Wikia's code too. But you can document the code and submit your patches to Wikia in order to improve the code quality!
Code Review
Code Review Look at and review the code that is being coded for Wikia. We are human beings and make mistakes too, so point them out to make Wikia better!
What can I do to help?
Write a new feature or extension
Take your coding skills and write a feature for every Wikia to use!
Suggest a feature
Have a brilliant feature idea that you think everyone would love? Add it to the list!
Enhance existing things
Is your passion perfection? Work with us to make free culture more approachable!
Get Started
We'll help developers help the community! We can get interested developers set up with test facilities, so you can write a feature and have everyone see it soon.
Love to code? Want to contribute to the community and help out with new features? Volunteer with Wikia Open Source!
Latest news
Public repository
Public repository is now live at

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