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A list of bot frameworks suited for use on Fandom.


AutoWikiBrowser is a semi-automated wiki editor that has to be manually commanded.


A pywikipediabot fork lightly modified to make it more suitable for use on Fandom.

You'll need to have Git installed to check out the project.

Download from github using git:

git clone git:// pywikia

When you want to update your copy:

git pull origin master

See Pywikipedia's documentation for setup information (ignoring everything about svn and downloading).

Perl MediaWiki API

The Perl MediaWiki API is a Perl module designed to make it easy for Perl programmers to interact with a MediaWiki wiki and write a bot. The source code can be checked out using:

svn co


MediaWiki API client written in node.js. It supports most of the things needed to write an efficient bot. Code can be found on github:

See also

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