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This script is for PERSONAL use only!
You are free to install this script for yourself, but it is not allowed to be used wiki-wide (e.g., in MediaWiki:Common.js or MediaWiki:Wikia.js), as it would violate FANDOM's Terms of Use.
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Katsuragi is a minimalistic dark purple-grey theme for FANDOM's global navigation. It is based on a color palette inspired by Misato Katsuragi from Neon Genesis Evangelion (gallery). Some features include the "Search" text being removed and supporting ConsistentNotifications.

Color Scheme

  • Ikari Blue#1a1b33for background$katsuragi01
  • Katsuragi Purple#4c4e9efor hub links, icons$katsuragi02
  • Nagisa Grey#7b797afor dropdown chevrons$katsuragi03
  • Ayanami Silver#cccfor dropdown text, buttons$katsuragi04
  • NERV Red#a0210ffor notification count$katsuragi05
  • Kaji Dark Grey#444for Search text$katsuragi06
  • Plugsuit White#e0e0e0for text$katsuragi07
  • Rokubungi Indigo#212241for notifications$katsuragi08


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