InterlanguageFlags adds the country's flag next to the interlanguage links in the interwiki module.



Add this CSS on your wiki:





*Note: for wikis created before July 2014, MediaWiki:Common.css may not apply on both skins. Read more on this page.

@import "/load.php?mode=articles&articles=u:dev:MediaWiki:InterlanguageFlags.css&only=styles";
Importing CSS pages on FANDOM
There are different ways to import CSS, click on "Expand" to learn how to efficiently batch import scripts to speed up performance and make your code look cleaner.
If your CSS page has several lines of code that say @import, you may be able to combine them! By batch importing a collection of scripts with a single import, your CSS will load faster and look cleaner. Consider the examples below: on the left there is an example of several imports using the classic @import rule; on the right is how you can merge them in a single command, which will minify them, thus increasing performance:
Classic imports Combined imports
@import url("/index.php?title=MediaWiki:LocalCSS1.css&action=raw&ctype=text/css");
@import url("/index.php?title=MediaWiki:LocalCSS2.css&action=raw&ctype=text/css");
@import url("");
@import url("/load.php?mode=articles&only=styles&articles=MediaWiki:LocalCSS1.css|MediaWiki:LocalCSS2.css|u:dev:MediaWiki:InterWikiCSS.css")

Note: CSS imports rules must be stated at the beginning of the page, before any other rule. Otherwise they won't work. Here's an example of the correct placement:

Wrong placement Correct placement
/** other styles **/
.example { 
/** imports **/
@import url("/load.php?mode=articles&only=styles&articles=MediaWiki:LocalCSS1.css|MediaWiki:LocalCSS2.css|u:dev:MediaWiki:InterWikiCSS.css");
/** imports **/
@import url("/load.php?mode=articles&only=styles&articles=MediaWiki:LocalCSS1.css|MediaWiki:LocalCSS2.css|u:dev:MediaWiki:InterWikiCSS.css");
/** other styles **/
.example { 
But these are not the only ways to import CSS! It's also possible to import CSS using JavaScript pages through importArticles. Read more on this page and how to import both JavaScript and CSS on this one. You might also want to check other helpful pages on CSS:


The code uses images stored on Wikimedia Commons.

Known Issues

  • The code can only works if the wiki has the language prefix to its domain (like de., es., fr., etc.). If they don't, a custom code must be added locally to "fix" a language. You can copy the problematic language code and change the prefix.

Supported languages

  • Afrikaans (af)
  • አማርኛ (am)
  • العربية (ar)
  • Azərbaycanca (az)
  • Беларуская (be)
  • Български (bg)
  • বাংলা (bn)
  • Català (ca)
  • Česky (cs)
  • Cymraeg (cy)
  • Dansk (da)
  • Deutsch (de)
  • Ελληνικά (el)
  • English (en)
  • Esperanto (eo)
  • Español (es)
  • Euskara (eu)
  • فارسی (fa)
  • Suomi (fi)
  • Føroyskt (fo)
  • Français (fr)
  • Frysk (fy)
  • Gaeilge (ga)
  • Gàidhlig (gd)
  • Galego (gl)
  • Gaelg (gv)
  • עברית (he)
  • हिन्दी (hi)
  • Hrvatski (hr)
  • Magyar (hu)
  • Bahasa Indonesia (id)
  • Íslenska (is)
  • Italiano (it)
  • 日本語 (ja)
  • Basa Jawa (jv)
  • ქართული (ka)
  • Kalaallisut (kl)
  • ಕನ್ನಡ (kn)
  • 한국어 (ko)
  • Kurdî (ku)
  • Lëtzebuergesch (lb)
  • Lietuvių (lt)
  • Māori (mi)
  • Македонски (mk)
  • Монгол (mn)
  • Bahasa Melayu (ms)
  • မြန်မာဘာသာ (my)
  • नेपाली (ne)
  • Nederlands (nl)
  • ‪Nederlands (informeel)‬ (nl-informal)
  • ‪Norsk (nynorsk)‬ (nn)
  • ‪Norsk (bokmål)‬ (no)
  • Occitan (oc)
  • ਪੰਜਾਬੀ (pa)
  • Polski (pl)
  • پښتو (ps)
  • Português (pt)
  • Português do Brasil (pt-br)
  • Română (ro)
  • Русский (ru)
  • Scots (sco)
  • سنڌي (sd)
  • Slovenčina (sk)
  • Slovenščina (sl)
  • Shqip (sq)
  • Српски / Srpski (sr)
  • Svenska (sv)
  • தமிழ் (ta)
  • ไทย (th)
  • Tagalog (tl)
  • Türkçe (tr)
  • Українська (uk)
  • اردو (ur)
  • O'zbek (uz)
  • Tiếng Việt (vi)
  • 中文 (zh)
  • ‪中文(香港)‬ (zh-hk)


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