Feature overview

Allows user to add annotations to images similar to Flickr or Facebook. For a demonstration, see this Commons example. Further information and details on the functionality may be found in this Commons help article.


  • Preliminary version. Not recommended for general usage until version 2 comes out and browser compatibilities are worked out.
  • The current version (v1) will function on FANDOM wikis but requires use of Firefox or Opera browsers for editing functions. (IE8 displays data but doesn't allow editing yet).
  • Upcoming version: The author (User:Lupo at Commons) is working on version 2 and it will supersede this version shortly. A full stable version modified for FANDOM will be available here at that time.


1. From your wiki, use Contact staff to request the Gadgets extension be enabled for your wiki.

2. Follow installation instructions at Commons

3. Add the following code to Mediawiki:Common.js:

function addLoadEvent(fn) {
	if (window.addEventListener) addEventListener("load", fn, false);
	else if (window.attachEvent) attachEvent("onload", fn);

4. MediaWiki:LAPI.js assumes commons' image server. Change the following line for FANDOM:

      if ( (new RegExp ('^*' + title.replace (/ /g, '_').replace (/(\.svg)$/i, '$1.png').escapeRE () + '$')) == 0)
     if ( (new RegExp ('^http://images\\*' + title.replace (/ /g, '_').replace (/(\.svg)$/i, '$1.png').escapeRE () + '$')) == 0)

For non wiki users, step 2 may not be necessary if your wiki already has this function. For step 3, note that regex backslashes must be escaped in literal strings. (\\d to get a \d).

Planned development

  • Fix of IE incompatibilities in Version 1 is not assigned to anyone.
  • Version 2 may arrive in the mid October timeframe.

Wikis that use ImageAnnotator

Browsers tested

  • Firefox 3.5.2 works on FANDOM. This example on Familypedia does zoom view in edit mode. Many other large images eg. this census document do not.
  • Opera v9.63 & v10 functions as on Commons
  • Internet Explorer 8: displays highlight boxes and text annotations (though sluggish). Fails to display "add note". Attempts to edit via a click from the annotation popup doesn't work.


2009-09-10 Initial patch for Commons ImageAnnotator (v1) posted.

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