This stylesheet adds highlighting to Bots, Content Volunteers, Vanguards, Volunteer Developers, VSTF, Global Discussions moderators, Helpers, and Staff, assuming the hardcoded list is accurate.


Simply copy and paste the following code to the top of your global.css.

@import url("//");

Or place this code on your global.js.

    type: "style",
    articles: [

Color scheme

  • Purple#a400a4for bots$custom01
  • Orange#ff7000for convols$custom02
  • Green#1eaf7afor Vanguard$custom03
  • Turquoise#23c8d2for voldevs$custom04
  • Blue#4286f4for gdmods$custom05
  • Red#f77for VSTF$custom06
  • Brown#4C5F1Dfor Helpers$custom07
  • Gold#DA0for Staff$custom08