A date library that has many functions to manipulate dates, based on



Syntax for (diff | epoch | isleapyear)


{{#invoke:datecalc|main|isleapyear|YYYY/MM/DD}} e.g. {{date|isleapyear|2010/10/10}}


adddays | addhours | addminutes | addmonths | addseconds | addticks | addyears | copy | fmt | getbias | getclockhour | getdate | getday | getfracsec | gethours | getisoweekday | getisoweeknumber | getisoyear | getminutes | getmonth | getseconds | getticks | gettime | getweekday | getweeknumber | getyear | getyearday | setday | sethours | setisoweekday | setisoweeknumber | setisoyear | setminutes | setmonth | setseconds | setticks | setyear | spandays | spanhours | spanminutes | spanseconds | spanticks | tolocal | toutc

Format options

Table 3. Format Spec

Spec Description
'%a' Abbreviated weekday name (Sun)
'%A' Full weekday name (Sunday)
'%b' Abbreviated month name (Dec)
'%B' Full month name (December)
'%C' Year/100 (19, 20, 30)
'%d' The day of the month as a number (range 1 - 31)
'%g' year for ISO 8601 week, from 00 (79)
'%G' year for ISO 8601 week, from 0000 (1979)
'%h' same as %b
'%H' hour of the 24-hour day, from 00 (06)
'%I' The hour as a number using a 12-hour clock (01 - 12)
'%j' The day of the year as a number (001 - 366)
'%m' Month of the year, from 01 to 12
'%M' Minutes after the hour 55
'%p' AM/PM indicator (AM)
'%S' The second as a number (59, 20 , 01)
'%u' ISO 8601 day of the week, to 7 for Sunday (7, 1)
'%U' Sunday week of the year, from 00 (48)
'%V' ISO 8601 week of the year, from 01 (48)
'%w' The day of the week as a decimal, Sunday being 0
'%W' Monday week of the year, from 00 (48)
'%y' The year as a number without a century (range 00 to 99)
'%Y' Year with century (2000, 1914, 0325, 0001)
'%z' Time zone offset, the date object is assumed local time (+1000, -0230)
'%Z' Time zone name, the date object is assumed local time
'%\b' Year, if year is in BCE, prints the BCE Year representation, otherwise result is similar to "%Y" (1 BCE, 40 BCE) #
'%\f' Seconds including fraction (59.998, 01.123) #
'%%' percent character %
'%r' 12-hour time, from 01:00:00 AM (06:55:15 AM); same as "%I:%M:%S %p"
'%R' hour:minute, from 01:00 (06:55); same as "%I:%M"
'%T' 24-hour time, from 00:00:00 (06:55:15); same as "%H:%M:%S"
'%D' month/day/year from 01/01/00 (12/02/79); same as "%m/%d/%y"
'%F' year-month-day (1979-12-02); same as "%Y-%m-%d"
'%c' The preferred date and time representation; same as "%x %X"
'%x' The preferred date representation, same as "%a %b %d %\b"
'%X' The preferred time representation, same as "%H:%M:%\f"
'${iso}' Iso format, same as "%Y-%m-%dT%T"
'${http}' http format, same as "%a, %d %b %Y %T GMT"
'${ctime}' ctime format, same as "%a %b %d %T GMT %Y"
'${rfc850}' RFC850 format, same as "%A, %d-%b-%y %T GMT"
'${rfc1123}' RFC1123 format, same as "%a, %d %b %Y %T GMT"
'${asctime}' asctime format, same as "%a %b %d %T %Y"


{{#invoke:datecalc|main|adddays|2010/10/10|5}}Fri Oct 15 2010 00:00:00

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