FANDOM Open Source Library (FANDOM オープンソース・ライブラリー) へようこそ! — Dev Wiki (Developers Wiki) とお呼びいただいても構いません!

We’re FANDOM’s premier destination for people who are looking to take a deep dive into coding. Whether you’re interested in exploring our code repository or finding a new feature for your home wiki, we’ve probably got a page or two you'll want to read. And there are lots of knowledgeable users around who are willing to lend a hand.

So take a few minutes to look around our front page. We think you’ll find something here that’ll help you make your part of FANDOM just a bit more your own — just a little bit "cooler".

Going beyond JavaScript

FANDOM Open Source Library のことを、FANDOMのWikiで活用できるJavaScript スニペット置き場だと思っていませんか?

JavaScript スニペットの公開以外にも、様々な情報交流を行っています。

We provide useful code review to our fellow Dev Wiki contributors. (We don't like bugs any more than you do!) We offer translation services for the code you'll find here. We spitball the future by suggesting newer ways of looking at long-standing coding issues. And we provide a useful training ground for many of the volunteers who go on to become members of our Volunteer Developer Program.

If you’re at all interested in how FANDOM works under the hood, jump right in and start editing — even if you’re just asking a lot of questions!

Things we like
While we do a lot of things around here, there are probably three things in particular that FANDOM users most often associate with the Dev Wiki.
CSSでWikiをデザインしませんか? お探しのものがきっと見つかります。
Chat hacks

Things to remember
Keep a couple of points in your mind when you’re coding here at FANDOM.
Both CSS and JS can be either personal or site-wide. Personal code is that which affects your account only. Site-wide code applies to an entire wiki, such that all visitors will see its effect. Under FANDOM’s customization policy, not all code is allowed to be site-wide, whereas you can do whatever you want with personal code.
MediaWiki docs
Did you know that the base MediaWiki software actually has documentation? Don't be ashamed if you don't! Instead, read the introduction on!

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