ExtendedPrivateMessaging adds additional features to Special:Chat, including easily-accessible group private messaging and alerts when users block and unblock you.

The screenshot shows the group PM creation screen, that dims the whole page (but doesn't render it unusable) except the help tooltip and userlist. You can also see in the background the (configurable) icon used for group private messages, and modified header to include all members.


  • Intuitive group chat creation.
  • Stable group messages with editable group chat names.
  • Inline alerts a user you have a private message with blocks your messages.
  • Several bug fixes from vanilla Special:Chat.
  • (optional) Responsive group icons, depending on group members.


Add the following to your wiki's MediaWiki:Chat.js or your personal chat.js.

importScriptPage('MediaWiki:ExtendedPrivateMessaging/code.js', 'dev');

Or if you already have an importArticles call you can add this:

    type: "script",
    articles: [
        // Other scripts...
        // ...


All variables are stored in the ExtendedPrivateMessaging object, which must be defined before the importArticles statement.

This is a string of a publicly available image to be used in place of the first avatar in the group list. Please keep this image to 30px in height and width. Default:
This can be a boolean (or any truthy/falsey value for the matter) that will define whether or not to use group icons with user avatars. Default: false


var ExtendedPrivateMessaging = {
    groupIcon: '', // Might be more fit for wikis with dark themes than the default icon
    enableExperimentalGroupIcons: 'Hell yeah!'


Help translate the script here.

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