This page lists the community policy for the Fandom Developers Wiki. These are largely policed by the content moderator team.

The Fandom Community Guidelines and Terms of Use also apply on Dev Wiki.


Contribution guidelines

  • Code hosting - host your userscript on the wiki. External userscript vendors aren't allowed for security reasons. (Applications should use a trusted open-source vendor/host.)
  • New userscripts - to merit a documentation article, your userscript:
    • should be compatible with the Fandom ecosystem.
    • must comply with the customisation policy (if it's site-wide).
    • must provide utility to Fandom users.
    • must not offer trivial code or guidance (examples: jscss).
    • should not duplicate an existing userscript.
  • Translation - do not contribute machine translations (e.g. Google Translate).
  • Quality assurance - code from Dev Wiki is used by many wikis and many users. When submitting changes to userscripts, properly test them beforehand as mistakes in high-use userscripts can cause large-scale issues across Fandom.
  • Deprecation - do not make breaking changes to deprecated scripts:
    • If it's old and isn't broken, don't touch it.
    • If you need to fix it, do the bare minimum.

Community guidelines

  • Security - practice responsible disclosure. For security issues:
    • in Fandom's code, report it to Fandom Staff.
    • in userscripts, discreetly fix them, if you know how; otherwise report it to Fandom Staff.
  • Good faith - always be welcoming and polite to other Dev Wiki users.
  • Attribution - when using forked code, credit the original author.
  • Author control - if a script or stylesheet is actively maintained, use its talk page to suggest new features/major changes. Always ask the author(s) before making major changes yourself. (This doesn't apply to fixing minor bugs and adding translations.)
  • Self-credit - you must significantly contribute to a userscript, if you wish to credit yourself as an author.
  • Content moderation - Dev Wiki moderators should respect author wishes and use their tools with care.

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