Day/Night chat is a chat code that changes the default wiki color skin to a different color.

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Example of the day/night code on the deadliest fiction wiki


First of all, for wiki use, you need to install the custom chat JavaScript and CSS in your wiki.
Then import the feature

Select your personal JavaScript page that you prefer, and paste in:

importScriptPage('MediaWiki:Day/Night chat/code.js', 'dev');

Pages for Inserting the Script

Page Affecting
Special:MyPage/chat.js Personal use - current wiki
MediaWiki:Chat.js Wiki-wide use - current wiki


First, follow the instructions at Help:Custom Chat Javascript/CSS.

In the code, you can replace "Example" with any color hex. You could also change the colors for the day chat as well.

Add this to your Wiki's MediaWiki:Chat.js.

//Switch to night button
var night_button = 'Switch to Night Chat';
//Switch to day button
var day_button = 'Switch to Day Chat';
//Color scheme for NIGHT Chat
  //Link color
    var linkColor = 'A COLOR NAME';
  //All text Color
    var textColor = '#EXAMPLE';
  //Self text background color
    var selfTextColor = 'none';
  //Chat background color
    var backgroundColor = '#EXAMPLE';
  //Chat foreground color
    var foregroundColor = 'COLOR NAME';
  //User stats foreground color
    var userStatsColor = 'none';
//END NIGHT Chat color scheme