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This script is for PERSONAL use only!
You are free to install this script for yourself, but it is not allowed to be used wiki-wide (e.g., in MediaWiki:Common.js or MediaWiki:Wikia.js), as it would violate FANDOM's Terms of Use.
(See the customization policy)
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This article is about a system or feature that is no longer in use.
The page is retained for historical reasons. Reason: Deprecated and no longer supported. Please use FANSUN, WikiaCommunityCentralTheme and/or ClassicDevWikiTheme instead.

DarkFandomWikisTheme is a simple CSS fix that darkens the official FANDOM wikis' CSS themes, specifically, those of the Dev Wiki and Community Central.


Depending on which wiki you want to modify, add the appropriate line to your global.css file on the Community Central wiki. If the script fails to work, place the import statement at the top of the file. Always remember to refresh your cache after installation.

Dev Wiki:

@import url('//');

Community Central:

@import url('//');

If you wish to add the old Community Central background image, add this code after the above import statement. {
    background: #404a57 url("") no-repeat center center fixed;
    background-size: 2175px 1025px;


  • v1.0, 4-10-16 - Initial revision
  • v1.1, 4-10-16 - Added background image option
  • v1.2, 5-10-16 - global.css issues resolved

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