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This script adds a new popup menu on the Oasis toolbar next to My Tools that contains a user-specified set of links, which can be internal or external and default to a link to Main Page.


Default setting:

customPages = [
	['Main Page']
importScriptPage('CustomToolbarLinks/code.js', 'dev');

Example setting for this wiki:

customPages = [
	['List of JavaScript Enhancements', 'JS'],
	['', 'Google'],
	['Help:JavaScript and CSS Cheatsheet', 'Cheatsheet'],
	['Main Page']
importScriptPage('CustomToolbarLinks/code.js', 'dev');

The first string in each line is the href to link to - either the title of a page on the wiki it is being used on or a complete external link. The second string, which is optional, is the text to display for that link in the menu; it defaults to the first string.


Hello! I've visited this wiki before but this is my first contribution. I had an idea that seemed like it might fit in and decided to go for it. Let me know if I did anything incorrectly (I'm not sure if there's a requirement for creating a page). And, of course, suggestions for the script are welcome. I'm not terribly experienced in JavaScript. Thanks!

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