The FANDOM codebase is stored in our GitHub repository.

This page details its structure, so that you can easily navigate through the code.


We use branches to maintain and manage our code:

contains the most current version of the code
contains snapshots of the development branch for release
contains per ticket copies of the development branch with changes for a specific ticket (normally a bug fix of feature implementation) in the format where PROJECT represents the project the ticket relates to, and NUMBER represents the number of the ticket in the project's queue. These branches are then merged back into the development branch once code review has been completed.

File layout

This section details the organization of our dev branch. Paths are relative to dev root. Everything that is not listed here comes from MediaWiki core (note: this list might still be incomplete).

Most Wikia features, packaged as stand-alone extensions
Dependencies, services and helper classes used in different places in the code
Maintenance scripts, some DB schemas and misc. scripts

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