ClassicModIcons is a userscript to replace the new chatmod stars with the old ones. It also allows users to apply custom badges to a wiki's usergroups easily, without having to apply the custom badge to each user and update the custom badges.



Add the following to MediaWiki:Chat.js to use it on your wiki, or to your Special:MyPage/chat.js of your wiki for personal use.

importScriptPage('MediaWiki:ClassicModIcons.js', 'dev');

Custom badges

To apply a custom badge to any usergroup, use CSS in the format below. You can add CSS to the MediaWiki:Chat.css page of your wiki, to Special:MyPage/common:css of your wiki or to your global CSS.

.ChatWindow .usergroup .badge {
    background-image: url('URL') !important;

Replace .usergroup with the class corresponding to the role name.

To only get rid of the default old icons, use this code in the same manner:

.ChatWindow .chatmoderator .badge,
.ChatWindow .vstf .badge,
.ChatWindow .helper .badge,
.ChatWindow .sysop .badge {
    background-image: url('URL') !important; /* mod icon */
.ChatWindow .staff .badge {
    background-image: url('URL') !important; /* staff icon */

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