ChatUserIcons makes it possible to see what user right somebody has in the chat. It is only meant for Community Central, since the admins and chat mods will not have user rights on other wikis.


It is actually very simple to see what user right somebody has. See the color scheme below.

  • Bots
  • Helpers
  • VSTF
  • Admins
  • Chat Mods

However, sometimes users have more than one user right, which results in you seeing the color which is ranked the highest in the table above. For example when a user has the Chat Mod right, but also the VSTF right, you'll see an aqua (blue) colored star. Note that the Chat Mods, Admins and Bots are only from Community Central, but they also have a colored star on other wikis when you install this in your global.css. When users got new rights but they aren't added in the script, you'll see the standard star.


To get this script you have to add the code to the top of your personal css page. It will only work on Community Central Chat.

/* Chat User Icons (2Actimv) */
@import url('//');

Known bugs

If you find new bugs, please let the creator know on his or her talk page the talk page of this article.