ChatToolbox adds a dropdown with useful links to the chat header, easily configurable by any sysop. You just need to edit MediaWiki:Custom-Chat-toolbox with a similar Wiki-Navigation style.


You can add as many links to the toolbox as you would like, with a similar format like this:

* First item (title)
* Link and text
* Link|text
* onclick|link|text

For example:

* Toolbox
* Special:WikiActivity|Wiki Activity
* Main Page
* Help:Chat|Need help?
* Project:Rules|Rules of this wiki!
* Special:CreatePage|Create a new page
* Special:Forum|Forum
* MediaWiki:Emoticons|Emoticons
* Special:Log/chatban|Chatbans log


Add the following line to MediaWiki:Chat.js:



You can customize ChatToolbox by editing MediaWiki:Chat-toolbox.css. You can view the default CSS by clicking here.

Also, you can add scripts to the chat by editing MediaWiki:Chat-toolbox.js.



  • code.js
  • ChatToolbox.css
  • Local MediaWiki:Custom-Chat-toolbox.
  • Local MediaWiki:Chat-toolbox.css.
  • Local MediaWiki:Chat-toolbox.js.

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