ChatImages allows you to add GIF, PNG, JPEG, and TIFF images in the chat from your wiki just like in a wiki page.

Note: You have to add the script in the main chat script.


You need to install the custom chat JavaScript and CSS in your wiki. Then import the feature via MediaWiki:Chat.js:

    type: 'script',
    articles: [


In chat use this syntax [[File:YourFile.YourExtension]] to add an image, like in a wiki page. You can change size, alignement, and the title of an image.

What can do ChatImages (v. 1.2.2)
Example Description Equivalent in a wiki page Note
[[File:Bunny gif.gif]] Simply add an image [[File:Bunny gif.gif|175px]] The size is chosen by default
[[File:Bunny gif.gif|Rabbit]] Add an image with the title Rabbit [[File:Bunny gif.gif|Rabbit]] Just like in the wiki
[[File:Bunny gif.gif|right]] Add an image with a choosen align [[File:Bunny gif.gif|right]] You can choose center, left or right
[[File:Bunny gif.gif|50x36px]] Add an image with a width of 50 and an height of 36 [[File:Bunny gif.gif|50x36px]] Just like in the wiki


If an error happens, the error message will be different according to the user's language. More languages can be added directly to the script (in the last switch).