CategoryRenameAuto-Update can rename categories and fix category links on other pages. This script adds a button in the dropdown on any category page (called "Rename"), which will redirect to the category renaming form. It is strongly recommended to have a bot flag when using this script, as it can spam the Wiki Activity. This script works best when used as a Gadget, but can still be used in personal or wiki-wide JS regardless.



This is a maintenance script that involves renaming categories. This script is considered semi-automated editing. Do not use this script without first reviewing your wiki's policies regarding automated editing and obtaining necessary approvals and/or user rights.


To add translations, add your language code to the supported languages in MediaWiki:CategoryRenameAuto-update/code.js and make a sub-page of this page named after your language code: ex. MediaWiki:CategoryRenameAuto-update/en.js .