AudioIntegrator is a script to add hosted audio to pages from sources other than those officially supported by FANDOM.

Installation Instructions

Note: Because of the way it's implemented, this script can not be installed individually. It can only be used Wiki-wide.

Step 0: go to your wiki's MediaWiki:Common.js file
Step 1: amend it with this:
importScriptPage('MediaWiki:AudioIntegrator/AudioIntegrator.js', 'dev');
Step 2: use action=purge and purge killing refreshes to purge until the script loads properly.

Usage Instructions: Myspace Music

To add a song from Myspace, use this code:

<span class="MyspaceMusic" data-widget-id="uptown-funk-96660174-107724914" style="width: 32em; height: 18em;"></span>

Replacing uptown-funk-96660174-107724914 with the song title of your choice.

Usage Instructions: Vocaroo

To add a song from Vocaroo, use this code:

<span class="Vocaroo" data-widget-id="s0evesICnq9V" style="width: 32em; height: 18em;"></span>

Replacing s0evesICnq9V with the track ID of your choice.