ActiveTabs is an script modification which adds a third alternative tab system.


See also: Help:Including additional CSS and JS, Help:Advanced CSS and JS
  • For site-wide use, an administrator can add the line below to the wiki's MediaWiki:ImportJS page. Note that JavaScript must be enabled on the wiki.


Add this HTML on an article:

<div class="tabBox GlobalModule" style="padding:10px"><div class="tabTabs" style="text-align:center;border-bottom:1px solid black;margin-top:-10px"><span class="tabTitle active" id="tab-1">TAB1</span><span class="tabTitle" id="tab-2">Tab2</span><span class="tabTitle" id="tab-3">Tab3</span><span class="tabTitle" id="tab-4">Tab4</span><span class="tabTitle" id="tab-5">Tab5</span><span class="tabTitle" id="tab-6">Tab6</span><span class="tabTitle" id="tab-7">Tab7</span><span class="tabTitle" id="tab-8">Tab8</span><span class="tabTitle" id="tab-9">Tab9</span><span class="tabTitle" id="tab-10">Tab10</span>
<div class="tabContent" id="tab-1-content">Tab 1 Content</div><div class="tabContent" id="tab-2-content" style="display:none">Tab 2 Content</div><div class="tabContent" id="tab-3-content" style="display:none">Tab 3 Content</div><div class="tabContent" id="tab-4-content" style="display:none">Tab 4 Content</div><div class="tabContent" id="tab-5-content" style="display:none">Tab 5 Content</div><div class="tabContent" id="tab-6-content" style="display:none">Tab 6 Content</div><div class="tabContent" id="tab-7-content" style="display:none">Tab 7 Content</div><div class="tabContent" id="tab-8-content" style="display:none">Tab 8 Content</div><div class="tabContent" id="tab-9-content" style="display:none">Tab 9 Content</div><div class="tabContent" id="tab-10-content" style="display:none">Tab 10 Content</div>
Source Mode — The safe way to edit
Source mode is designed to handle complex html codes on an article, allowing to reduce the amount of unwanted code that is sometimes automatically added. Source mode is the best way to edit if you are using templates, or html tags such as <span>, <p>, and <div>. Click "Expand" to learn how to you can switch to this mode and make your code look cleaner.

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Here are some useful tips:

  • When copy or pasting content, always use source mode!
  • When you see Double Brackets Icon in the edit area of visual mode, it refers to a template, or content with code that is not supported or too complex for the visual editor to handle. In source mode you will see this content in full.
  • When you see Comment Icon in the edit area of visual mode, it refers to a comment. In source mode, you will see this content as <!-- -->.
  • MediaWiki has a special language called wikitext to make editing more easy. This language is supported in visual mode and will not break as easily as html.
  • Some html tags like <u> or <s> are supported in visual mode.
  • You can also enter source mode when creating or replying to threads in a forum, or when using a message wall by clicking Comment Source Modus underneath the edit area.
  • You can edit templates in source mode only.


For an easy usage you should copy/pass the following templates into your wiki:


  • Like any other script the tabs will not work on the mobile skin and will display all the content on default.
  • Currently not everything can be fully adjust by css.